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Business data

  • EUR 2228204 / 2021
  • 12
  • Distributor

Legal data

  1. 48503001854
  2. LV48503001854
  3. "SEB banka"
  4. LV38UNLA0015001467415
  5. 14.04.1993
  6. "Birzītes", Saldus pag., Saldus nov., LV-3862


LTD "Agroķīmija" competence in plant protection products, sale of mineral fertilizers to farmers, as well as provides agronomist consultations on plant fertilization and plant protection products throughout Saldus, Saldus region.


In trade:

  • Mineral fertilizers;
  • NPK fertilizers, vegetable fertilizers, ammonium nitrate;
  • Plant protection products - herbicides, fungicides, moths;
  • Fuel - coal, chip briquettes;
  • Films - roll films, trench films, greenhouse films, agricultural networks;
  • Press cords;
  • Peat.



Plant protection, mineral fertilizers, fuel, coil, chip briquettes, liquid fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, peat, film, transport services, gloves, labor protection, ( respirators, chemical resistant gloves, masks) mice and rat poison, sprayers, roll films, trench film, press cords, biological plant protection products, trihodermins, biomix, green tires, vegetable fertilizer, humus. Mineral fertilizer trade, NPK fertilizers, ammonium nitrate, herbicides, fungicides, stains, film, trench film, bale film, greenhouse film, agricultural nets, agro networks, where to buy film, cord, press cord, PVC film, fertilizers, chemicals, all for garden, goods for garden, goods for farmers, farmers, agronomist, agronomist consultation, vegetable growers, flower growers, crop growers. Plants and soil, plant protection products