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Tank wagons, wagon tanks, cisterns
Railway platforms for transporting logs
Wagons for transporting logs
Railway wagons for grain transportation
Covered wagons for cargo transportation
Rail freight
Covered semi-wagons for chip transportation
Railway wagons railway transport
Semi-wagons for the transportation of chips by railway
Railway tankers
Tanks for cargo transportation


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Business data

  • EUR 2195543 / 2021
  • 16
  • Service provider

Legal data

  1. 40003635974
  2. LV40003635974
  3. 27.06.2003
  4. Eglaines iela 1, Rīga, LV-1057
  5. 2021
  6. 4

About the company

"ALPA Vagons" The company was established in 2003. and specializes in the provision of the following rail - related services:

& bull; Execution, dispatch and receipt of import / export and transit cargo. Providing a full range of freight forwarding services( also for the transport of goods with a special temperature regime in refrigerated wagons) from / to Baltic ports;
& bull; Provision of freight with rolling stock: rental and delivery of rolling stock for a specific transport order;
& bull; Purchase / sale of railway freight wagons;
& bull; Private fleet management;
& bull; Cargo monitoring and tracking of wagons / containers during transport;
& bull; Provision of wagon washing and repair services in Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and other countries.



Rail freight( cargo) transportation, railway transport. Railway wagons, cistern, purchase of platforms, trade, rental, rent own, rent. Rolling stock, ( cisterns, platforms, wagons,
closed wagons) . Petroleum product, ( products) diesel fuel, fuel,
fuel, oil, coil, timber, ( timber) particle, ( shingles)
peat, ( peat) heating pellets, ( pellet) briquettes, ( briquette)
transportation, transportation, expedition. Bulk cargoes.
Perishable products, cargo( perishable( perishable) cargo)
transportation, transportation, which requires special temperatures( temperature) maintenance. Special temperature regime. Cargo,
in need of protection, security, guard against snow and rain effects. Transportation, transportation, forwarding to / from CIS countries, Kazakhstan, Central Asia countries, Baltic States.