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Business data

  • EUR 143049 / 2023
  • 9
  • Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden
  • Exporter, Producer

Legal data

  1. 40103583787
  2. LV40103583787
  3. 06.09.2012
  4. 06.09.2012
  5. Dzirnieku iela 16, Mārupe, Mārupes nov., LV-2167

Timber company - "Baltveide"

"BALTVEIDE" is a woodworking company with many years of experience. Production takes place at the company's production facility, which specializes in the development of unique furniture, wooden windows and doors. Experience working with corporate and individual clients. We offer a full service from the project to the installation of the product.



Furniture, furniture manufacturing, office furniture, furniture for living rooms, for restaurants, bars, stores upon individual projects, wooden windows, wooden windows production, europrofile wooden glazed windows, wooden windows, pine, oak, mahogany, ash wood windows, doors, door production, europrofile solid wood entrance doors, all kinds of interior doors for residential, public buildings, door production upon individual project, joinery products upon individual projects, wooden stairs, sheds, winter gardens, partition walls, exterior wooden facades, chairs, profile laths, turned wood parts, decorative elements.