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The CAA implements the state policy in the field of civil aviation security, provides information necessary for the performance of public administration functions in the field of aviation security, renders public services in accordance with its competence, represents the interests of Latvia in the European Union institutions and civil aviation international organizations in matters related to aviation security, implements state programs and projects in the field of civil aviation security as well as other functions prescribed by national, international and European Union laws and regulations. 


Aviation. Certification. Supervision. Flight safety. Airline companies.
In aviation involved companies and individuals certification and supervision.
Pilot, dispatcher, aircraft technical personnel and training courses
certification and monitoring. Aircraft airworthiness monitoring,
aircraft Register, airfield surveillance, general interest aviation,
commercial aviation, official freight agents. Drafting of laws and
regulations projects in civil aviation safety and security areas.
Aviation medicine center and aviation medicine examiners. Technical
maintenance organizations. CAA. Māris Gorodcovs. Aircraft, Aviation
personnel calibration, certification. Aviation Organization certification,
supervision, Flight safety and security management, Latvian air space,
unmanned aircrafts, commercial aviation, Civil Aviation Law, aviation Medicine,
unmanned aircrafts.