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  4. 2018
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Plate materials for furniture and construction. Furniture components, table tops, sliding systems. Custom made furniture. Individual approach to each customer. ABS edge bonding according to latest technologies. 


Kitchen furniture, sliding systems, furniture accessories, table surfaces,
fittings, MDF sheets, furniture laminate, ABS edges, ABS, OSB, durelis,
eco wool, anti-wind plates, ISOTEKS, HDF, trim edges, metal exterior doors,
metal doors, hinges, table legs, guides, screws, glue, assembly adhesives,
knife veneer, magnesite sheets, tableware, insert, kitchen baskets,
socle, circular saw, dish dryers, plywood, veneer, plywood scrap,
waste, chipboards, KSP, ventilation grilles, handles, handles for furniture,
LED lighting, joinery, joinery services, custom-made furniture, custom-made furniture,
sawing, gluing, transport services, delivery, part production, Custom-made furniture,
custom furniture-making, custom-made furniture, joiner, carpenter services,
professional, qualitative.

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