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About the company

LTD "GF AUDITS" his team combines professionals from various industries - lawyers, certified specialists in the fight against money laundering and personal data protection specialists, as well as IT and IS project managers. Our solution is already successfully used by specialists in various industries( Subjects of the NILLTPFN Act) - outsourced accountants, tax consultants, barristers and other independent legal service providers.


The team offers NILLTPFN law subjects:

  • Consultations on the prevention of NILLTPF and enforcement of sanction requirements, including preparation for the inspection of NILLTPF prevention and enforcement of sanction requirements;
  • Consultations and assistance in preparing the documentation necessary for obtaining an outsourcing accountant's license;
  • Adjusted NILLTPF prevention and sanctions management internal control systems( IKS) development of documents;
  • Training in the field of NILLTPF prevention and enforcement of sanctions requirements, including monitoring and in-depth investigation of customer transactions;
  • Assistance in communication with supervisory and control authorities in matters of enforcement of the NILLTPFN Law( preparation of an explanation, appeal, etc) .



Consultations NILLTPF, Training NILLTPF, NILLTPF, legal advice, GF audit platform.