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Family on the move with Gosselin
Gosselin helps with visa
Gosselin keeps your business running
Gosselin kidsbox
Gosselin looks after your wheels
Gosselin mover goes the extra mile
Gosselin on the move for you
Gosselin pending wardrobe box
Gosselin professional packing services
Gosselin uses custom made crates
Happy kids on the move with Gosselin
Our trucks on the road for you


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  3. "SEB banka", "Rīdzenes" filiāle
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Personal property and belongings movement services in the Baltic States, Europe and all over the world. Transfer of office archives, furniture and equipment. Cargo storage. International transport. Customs formalities. Insurance. Relocation, relocation service. Moving services. Movers. Insurance. Relocation. Pet move. Storage.



  • Transportation of household goods
  • Global road transport
  • Worldwide pet shipping
  • Traveling exhibitions
  • Moving services for embassies and diplomats
  • Moving with children



Moving services, Previously named "Corstjens Worldwide Movers Riga",
Transport services. Moving services. Moving service. To move belongings.
Interstate and local moving service. International and domestic freight transportation.
International and local moving. Transportation of belongings, sending.
Movement of belongings. Relocation, moving, moving, office, (office)
movement, bureau, (office) movement. Furnishing, private property,
office, bureau, computer equipment, museum exhibits, antique shop,
decoration, exhibition stand, production equipment transport, movement,
moving, relocation, transportation. Loader services. Loading, unloading,
handling works. Professional packing and loading services. Packaging material.
Private belongings professional packing, (wrapping). Unpacking, packing.
Heavy, oversized cargo transportation. Safe, machine, piano, pianino,
transportation of apartment equipment. Assembly service. New and
used furniture delivery and assembly, old furniture removal. Furniture dismantling,
installation. Fragile, valuable item appropriate packing, preparing for transport,
unpacking after delivery, placement. Shop equipment installation,
dismantling. Koka kastu, (frame) izgatavošana transportēšanas vajadzībām.
Moving service for private persons and companies, companies. Archive
and warehouse transfer. Diplomat belongings transportation to/from abroad.
Display unit packaging, movement. Expatriate and diplomat personal
belongings transportation abroad or organization of their importing
into Republic of Latvia. Insurance. Warehouse services. Storage services.
Private property, storage of office equipment archives and documents
in a heated warehouse. Warehousing. Storage of belongings. Personal belongings clearance,
document processing, brokerage services, brokers, consultations.
Change of place of residence. Great office, organization of office moving process.
Moving services. Relocation services. Freight handling services.
service for objects with increased security. By prior arrangement
we work also on weekends.