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GunnLasers in Riga
GunsnLasers amusement park in Riga
GunsnLasers events and celebrations
GunsnLasers laser paintball
GunsnLasers events
GunsnLasers airsoft
GunsnLasers amusement park in Riga
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GunsnLasers karts
virtual reality
GunsnLasers Amusement Park
paintball park in riga


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Business data

  • EUR 418010 / 2022
  • 15
  • Service provider

Legal data

  1. 40203085258
  2. LV40203085258
  3. 04.08.2017
  4. 04.08.2017
  5. "Slūzes", Alsungas pag., Kuldīgas nov., LV-3306

About us

Recreation park "GUNSnLASERS" is a place to get great emotions and relax in an active atmosphere with friends or family. Make memories for yourself and others to remember for a long time!



  • laser paintball or laser tag;
  • paintball;
  • reball or paintball with rubber balls;
  • electric karts;
  • virtual reality;
  • airsoft.


"GUNSnLASERS" has been operating for several years, so knows how to organize a great party for children, bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate events, class trips and other celebrations. Responsive and friendly instructors work in the amusement park.

After the active part of the event, it is possible to continue relaxing in well-equipped rest rooms or picnic areas with tables, grills, canopies. You can safely bring your own food and drinks with you at no additional cost. "GUNSnLASERS" have taken care of everything to ensure you an excellent output.

"GUNSnLASERS" amusement parks are located in three different locations in Riga:

  • 10 Markalnes Street, Jugla( indoor) - laser paintball, electric karts, virtual reality room, reball and airsoft;
  • Viestura prospect 2, Mežaparka( outdoors) - laser paintball, paintball and airsoft;
  • Šampētera Street 1, Šampēterī( indoor and outdoor) - laser paintball, reball, airsoft.
  • Each active recreation and entertainment park is designed in such a way that it is interesting to play. There are various hides, screens and not only that - even real cars in the squares. We recommend playing in every park!

    "GUNSnLASERS" open every day from morning to evening, however, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance and make sure there is someone on site. To register your event:

    "GUNSnLASERS" the customer manager will answer all your questions and make a reservation on the day and time you want. Remember that free places fill up much faster on weekends, so don't put off organizing the event until the last minute!

    "GUNSnLASERS" - passionate about excellent entertainment! Book an event and get unforgettable emotions and great memories to remember forever!



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