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metal tiles tile profile
trapezoidal profile AP-8
trapezoidal profile AP-20
trapezoidal profile AP-45
bearing profile AP-135
rolled profile classic
roof coverings
trapezoidal profile AP-8 roof coverings roof coverings
water drainage system water drainage systems rainwater drainage systems
roof covering supporting profile
metal cutting steel coils tin sheets
zcu zcu hat profiles constructive profiles
reinforcement products reinforcement mesh
reinforcement products reinforcement mesh
reinforcement products reinforcement mesh
reinforcement products reinforcement mesh
frameless hangars
frameless hangars
frameless hangars
frameless hangars
frameless hangars
frameless hangars
cotton wool soft wool stone wool thermal insulation materials technonicol
extruded polystyrene foam extruded polystyrene extruded polystyrene technonicol
fusible ruberoid ruberoid bipol uniflex bicroelast technonicol
mastic mastic nr24 mgtn technonicol


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  • EUR 20428909 / 2022
  • EUR 12800000 / 2012
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  • Central/East Europe
  • Belgium, Belarus, China, Germany, Estonia, Finland, India, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Russian Federation, Sweden, Taiwan, Province Of China, Ukraine
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  5. 03.06.1992
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We have been in the Latvian market for 26 years. We produce and sell high-quality metal roof and wall coverings, various construction materials for construction, repair works and construction. Production of fittings and fitting products, we make fitting screens. Frameless hangars for construction. Metal trade, metal processing.

Leading manufacturer of building materials

"Kompanija Avotini" has become the official dealer of several leading BUILDING MATERIALS manufacturers in the Baltic countries and in the world.


Roof. Roof coatings. Metal processing. Metal articles. Metal trade.
Metal. Metal trade, PVC, Skylights. Metal processing.
Construction material production. Building material building structure wholesale.
Wholesale of construction materials. Roof covering. Roof. Hangars.
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construction chemicals, antiseptics, screws and fasteners, gypsum board construction screws, gypsum cardboard screws, dowel nails, dowels,
nails, cement, concrete, aerated concrete, aerated concrete blocks, adhesive foam concrete polyprofile, wall blocks, ceramic blocks, reinforced concrete,
reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete products, lime, clay, expanded clay concrete lintels, gypsum board, gypsum profiles, bricks, finishing bricks,
silicate bricks, silicate bricks, flue, ( non-freezing,
frost-resistant) bricks, furnace, ( for interior works) bricks, fire-resistant bricks,
foam plastic, foam plastic plates, extruded foam polystyrene, wooden plates,
rock wool, glass wool, mineral wool, wool, finishing materials,
clay, heat insulation materials, wall blocks, heat insulation,
heat insulation materials, cohesive substance heat insulation, rock wool,
mineral wool, facade wool, heat insulation, heat insulation materials,
plasterboard, plasterboard, dry mixes for construction, antiseptics,
OSB-3, ( simple, water resistant) OSB-3, ( grooved, water resistant) pressed cardboard,
Fibo blocks, polystyrene, OSB, OSB boards, veneer, cement mortar
mastic, bitumen, bitumen, bitumen primer, construction films,
construction films for roofs and walls. Construction fasteners,
construction reinforced rebars in coils, concrete, concrete products,
concrete steps, stairs, well curbs, well covers, reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete curbs,
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funnel, angles, eaves, wind brace, flap, valley, windowsills,
roof hatch, hatches, ridge, roof ridges, gutter ends, nesošie profili,
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Delivery all over Latvia, We work all over Latvia.