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"Line-X Baltic" Ltd. is the official representative of Line-X polyurethane protective coating and BASF Elastospray foam polyurethane insulation systems in the Baltic States. Line-X is the world's leading manufacturer of polyurethane spray coatings with 20 years of experience in the transport, industry, agriculture and military industries. Suitability: For transport, manufacturers, industrial protective coatings, defense and military applications. Advantages: mechanically durable, abrasion resistant, chemically resistant, airtight coating, sound attenuating, easy to maintain, great looking, quick to apply. 


Surface protection, coatings for car cargo boxes, coatings for commercial vehicles,
car body restraints, car bottom processing, waterproofing coatings,
industrial protective coatings, car body protection, polyurethane protective coatings,
polyurethane solutions, surface protection, car painting, industrial protective coatings,
heat insulation, insulation, house renovation, building renovation,
waterproofing, car tuning, polyurethane materials, construction,
building insulation, roof insulation, roof coatings, roof repair,
flooring, energy efficiency, polyurethane foam, heat insulation,
roof coatings, floor coverings, car tuning, protective coatings,
decorative coatings, energy efficiency, building insulation, insulation works,
polyurethane coatings, polyurethane insulation, roof repair, surface protection,
car painting, industrial protective coatings, insulation, waterproofing,
polyurethane foam, polyurethane materials, construction, insulating foam,
insulate with foam, insulation with foam, flooring, floor coverings,
ASPART-X, elastomeric polyurethane coating, insulation materials for roofs,
insulation materials for terraces, insulation materials for foundations,
insulation materials for walls, insulating materials for tanks, insulation
materials for floors, building structure insulation, roof renovation,
metal protection, anti-corrosion treatment, anti-corrosion coating,
industrial protective coatings, coverings, anti-rust coating, anti-rust materials,
PAXCON, explosion-reducing protective coating, Elastospray Pure Polyurethane.

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