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  6. 2022

Procurement monitoring

Mercell is a procurement monitoring service provider with extensive information on published and current procurement in one place. We have many years of experience in the field of e-procurement, as well as more information on public procurement, allowing us to provide successful e-procurement solutions to many companies. We are one of the leading suppliers of procurement information in Europe, and recognizing the need of customers for procurement information in one place, we have become the most successful information supplier and the most common electronic procurement solution for customers and their suppliers in Latvia as well. Our solution ensures that the tender process is electronic, transparent and secure. In this way, more efficient procurement with high security and quality is achieved, as well as the consumption of resources for both buyers and suppliers is reduced.


Procurement services

We offer companies the most up-to-date procurement information, constantly renewing and supplementing it - we monitor all procurement sources, finding new websites and newspapers with procurement information every day, so that every company can find the latest IUB and other organizations' information in time. In addition, we also inform about changes, attached documents, tender results, as well as the expiration dates of existing contracts, plans of organizations to invest in the near future, construction plans throughout Latvia.



Procurement monitoring, purchases, municipal purchases, e-procurement management.
Electronic system. an effective procurement management and procurement process solution. Consultation. Public works tenders and private enterprise purchases. procurement or price surveys for construction objects. Public works tenders and private enterprise purchases. procurement or price surveys.