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Garden equipment
rake metal, Rat
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Household goods store Strautini


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Business data

  • EUR 250 202 / 2021
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  • Distributor, Producer

Legal data

  1. 47103000712
  2. LV47103000712
  3. "SEB banka", Madonas filiāle
  4. LV66UNLA0030900467348
  5. 17.06.1992
  6. Kārļa iela 3, Sauleskalns, Bērzaunes pag., Madonas nov., LV-4853


Workshops are currently repairing or manufacturing spare parts for the wall preparation machinery, combine harvesters. - Mostly so is an old technique, which is wrapped or manufactured by SIA "Rats" necessary parts. Here's the old combine heders that you can not get anywhere get it, try to make up A wall was supposed to be rebuilt a press lift, - says the manager of SIA "Rats"!


Metal processing, Metal article production. Welding works. Agricultural machinery repair, spare part renewal, production. Wheel in workshops in Sauleskalns. Tractor repair. Garden equipment, garden equipment manufacturing, for house and garden. Gardening equipment. Gardening tools for land treatment. Garden tool production, wholesale for stores in Latvia. Agricultural equipment unit repair. Screw repair, screw conveyor restoration. Harvester spare parts repair, restoration, making in workshop. We produce hay balers. Carry out repairs of hay presses. We repair rolls for all kinds of hay presses. Hay baler repair, restoration. Plow repair, renovation. Crop combine, grain harvester repair, tractor repair, hay rakes repair. Grain ventilated barrels, barrel repair. Combine header screw repair. Biters, biter repair. Combine concave, shaker, drum repair. rural mower repair, Potato digger repair. Quarrying machinery repair. Repair of feed grain mills. Concrete mixer repair. Road construction machinery repair, Grader repair. Bulldozer blade repair. Front loader repair. Excavator repair, bucket repair. Tractor repair. Trailer repair. Semi-trailer rental, restoration. Engine overhaul, restoration. Vacuum pump repair. Hydrocylinders, power cylinder repair. Garden equipment. Garden equipment manufacturing, trade: weed tool, hand cultivator, hand plows, weed hoes, seeding hoe, garden hoe, hand weed tool, universal soil ripper, metal rake, towed plow, wheel hoe, tractor furrower, furrow maker. Forest planting barrels. Bush knife. Equipment for cowsheds. For cattle-breeding. Metal trade, metal trade in Madonas district, In Sauleskalns; Metal articles. Metal article manufacturing. Share plow, coulters. Graveyard benches. Benches for graves. Metal grill. Forage steaming boilers, steaming boiler making, feed steam boiler, forage cooking pot. Firewood saws with saw blade. Calf, cow, feeding trough, production. Hammered work, forgings making. Candlesticks for graves. Grave candlesticks. Bearings. Mounts. Tools. Mineral fertilizers. Peat substrate. Paints. Household chemicals. Work clothes. Seminar hall "The sun" In Madona. Rooms for presentations.