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Knitted or crocheted fabrics
Silk fabrics
Coat fabrics
Lace, and plaid fabrics
Knitted or crocheted fabrics
Knitted or crocheted fabrics
Lace and sequin fabrics
Crepe fabrics
Neoprene fabrics
Costume fabrics
Kleitu audumi
Tulle fabric
Kleitu audumi
Lace fabrics
Sewing accessories
Tapes, Laces, Curtain ribbons, Sewing accessories
Yarn, needles, crochet hooks


  1. +371 67225261
  4. Ludmila Šulte


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  • Mon900-1730
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  • Fri900-1700
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Business data

  • EUR 248540 / 2023
  • 10
  • Distributor

Legal data

  1. 40003088552
  2. LV40003088552
  3. 03.09.1992
  4. 15.09.2004
  5. Lāčplēša iela 83A, Rīga, LV-1011

About the company

LTD "Relāde" is in 1992. founded company, which is engaged in the trade of fabrics, sewing accessories and knitting accessories. The company's stores and wholesale warehouse have a very wide range of fabrics, adhesive and lining fabrics, as well as sewing and knitting accessories. The range of goods is regularly replenished, while the goods of the previous season are available at significant discounts.



  • discounts
  • season sale
  • crepe satin
  • chiffon
  • knitwear
  • denim
  • velveteen
  • taffeta
  • organza
  • gabardine
  • velvet
  • costume fabrics
  • coat fabrics
  • atlas
  • nylon
  • interlining
  • lace fabric
  • jacquard fabric
  • cotton
  • wool-mixture
  • linen
  • canvas
  • suit fabrics
  • dancewear
  • choir costumes
  • sintepone
  • corset fabric
  • fabric for corset
  • lining,
  • jacquard,
  • imitation leather,
  • lace,
  • knitwear,
  • fabric fittings,
  • clothing accessories,
  • fabric color,
  • paint for fabrics, to dye a fabric. Fabrics for costume jacket, skirt, trousers, dress, evening dress, coat. A wide range of. Choice of fabrics.


Sewing accessories:

  • discounts
  • buttons
  • threads
  • zippers
  • needles
  • knitting needles
  • scissors
  • buckles
  • fastener
  • tapes
  • pads
  • dummies
  • embroidery kits
  • pearls
  • sequins
  • needle cushions
  • handicraft boxes
  • finishing ribbons
  • oblique thread tapes
  • laces



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