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Business data

  • EUR 870000 / 2015
  • EUR 43500 / 2015
  • EUR 760000 / 2015
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  • West Europe
  • Germany, Denmark, Estonia, France, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway
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Legal data

  1. 40003286267
  2. LV40003286267
  3. 08.03.1996
  4. Salaspils nov., Salaspils, Miera iela 32, LV-2169
  5. 2018


Our company offers a full range of services starting from interior planning and design, to the production of equipment and installation in the facility. Over the years, we have implemented several interior projects not only in Latvia, but around the world. Our clients include sporting goods, clothing, cosmetics and electronics stores as well as cafes and restaurants. Upon individual order we manufacture furniture not only for offices, laboratories and educational institutions, but also furniture and kitchen equipment for houses and recreational complexes. We also offer high quality stainless steel grinding. 


Furniture manufacturing, furniture design, interior, designing, office furniture,
furniture for shops, furniture for sports stores, furniture for clothing stores,
furniture for restaurants, furniture for cafes, kitchen furniture and equipment,
furniture for living rooms, furniture for laboratories, furniture
for educational institutions, furniture for recreational complexes.
Manufacture of furniture upon individual order. Stainless steel grinding,

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