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Baby cots, cradles
Baby cots
Youth beds
Transformable beds
Furniture sets
Feeding chairs
Changing tables
Transformable beds
Transformable beds


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  • Belgium, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Sweden, United States
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  3. 23.11.2001
  4. 13.04.2004
  5. Rīgas iela 18, Smiltene, Smiltenes nov., LV-4729
  6. 2022

About us:

LTD "TROLL Smiltene" is the highest quality birch solid wood children's furniture and textile products produced in Latvia. "Troll Nursery" the company's products will serve your baby and you faithfully from the first day of the baby's life.


"Troll" product manufacturing standards:

"Troll" products are manufactured to meet European, Australian or American safety standards. Our products are regularly tested and certified by various accredited European test institutes. "Troll Nursery" is proud to offer you one of the safest products available on the market.


Children's wooden furniture made in Latvia:

  • Children's beds
  • Transformable beds
  • Cots, cradles
  • Changing tables, chests of drawers
  • Revolving surface
  • Wooden furniture sets
  • Cabinets
  • Mantu kastes
  • Wooden security fences
  • Furniture wheel sets
  • Youth beds
  • Feeding chairs
  • Production of children's textile products in Latvia
  • Children's room accessories
  • Bedding sets for cots
  • Production of bed linen sets
  • Sheet with rubber
  • Terry sheets
  • Bed linen sets
  • Sheets for a baby bed
  • Textile accessories for rewinding
  • Changing mattress
  • Children's textiles
  • Baby nest
  • Mattress with cotton cover
  • Mattresses with a quilted cotton cover
  • Coconut mattress with quilted cotton cover
  • Pillows and blankets made of natural material
  • Protective edges of children's beds
  • Protective pillows for children's beds
  • Play pool



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