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  • EUR 7649181 / 2021
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  • Central Asia, West Europe
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  1. 40003931354
  2. LV40003931354
  3. 14.06.2007
  4. 14.06.2007
  5. Raunas iela 44 k-1, Rīga, LV-1039

About the company

LTD "Ursus Forwarding" is 2007. a logistics services company was founded in Latvia in 2008, which provides its customers with various logistics solutions all over the world. 2012. in 2008, expanding the company's operations, our Estonian branch Ursus Forwarding OÜ opened its doors; . In everyday work, there is active cooperation between the sales and transport departments of the Latvian and Estonian branches, therefore we can proudly say that with the opening of the Estonian branch we have become an international company. The Ursus Forwarding team brings together the best industry specialists with impressive experience in organizing and coordinating cargo transportation of various complexity. They are professionals who are well versed in logistics processes, familiar with industry legislation and technical nuances of freight transport.



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