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LTD "Vidzemes Contus" offers opportunities for cooperation in the field of company registration, accounting, personnel records and labor law. Using our accumulated knowledge and long-term experience, following the times and continuously improving our qualifications, we offer companies and self-employed persons to be together from the moment of company registration or the start of economic activity.
LTD "Vidzemes Contus" a lawyer specialized in the field of labor legal relations and labor dispute resolution has joined the team. We will help both the employer and employees to find a solution to labor disputes, prepare the necessary documents to apply to a state institution, prepare documents for the regulation of labor relations, provide advice on how to establish a labor protection system in the company, and represent clients in administrative violation proceedings.



  • Development and improvement of accounting policy;
  • Processing of accounting primary documents;
  • Calculations of wages and related costs and taxes;
  • Banks, cashiers and advance payments;
  • Inventory and fixed asset accounting;
  • Inventory of goods and services;
  • Accounting of debtors and creditors;
  • Restoration of accounting from original documents;
  • Preparation of operating balance sheet, profit or loss calculation and cash flow;
  • Tax calculations and declaration preparation and submission to SRS;
  • Compilation and declaration of the annual report;
  • Compilation of residents' and self-employed declarations;
  • Preparation of other reports for State institutions and company management;
  • Analysis of financial and economic activity;
  • Preparation of accounting and personnel documents.



Accounting in Valmiera. Annual reports, SRS reports, accountancy, accounting creation, registration of companies, foundation. Tax consultations, personnel record keeping, annual income tax returns for individuals, for legal persons. Financial performance analysis, accounting software. Balance, balance sheets. Business plan, business plan preparation. Enterprise budget drafting. Record keeping. Accounting policy. Financial accounting. Consultations for self-employed persons, Individual merchant, traders, micro-enterprises. Accountancy services, consultations, accounting and legal services, labour law.