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  • EUR 302679 / 2023
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Legal data

  1. 40203149614
  2. LV40203149614
  3. 12.06.2018
  4. 12.06.2018
  5. Lielirbes iela 1, Rīga, LV-1046

About the company

LTD "Way" performs construction works, repair and technical maintenance of railway infrastructure technical equipment, railway superstructure works( rails, tracks), construction of crossings and crossings, earthworks under railway tracks( ground cover and railway land division strip) .



Railway construction works, construction site preparation works, relocation of utilities, measurement, construction site clearance, removal of excess soil, construction of railway embankment, delivery and incorporation of soil, creation and incorporation of a protective layer, strengthening of geomaterial installations and slopes, planing of the earth's surface, creation and strengthening of ditches, construction of railway tracks, ballasting of railway embankment with ballast chips, laying sleepers and inventory rails, building up to design mark, installation of the rails, construction of station platforms, assembly of platform blocks, water run-off, construction of communications and approaches, strengthening of slopes, creation of platform areas, repair and reconstruction of railway crossings, construction of new railway crossings, dismantling of concrete pavement of railway crossings, replacement of existing sleepers, installation of a new concrete or rubber pavement, repair of access roads, construction of new access roads, reconstruction and construction of railway culverts, culvert cleaning, foundations, wall repair, placing new culverts under the tracks, concrete renovation, placing new concrete.