AVA CLINIC – where a new life appears 

AVA CLINIC – where a new life appears 
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AVA CLINIC – a leading clinic in the field of reproductive medicine and embryonic genetics, specializing in infertility problems, miscarriages anf fertility preservation.

AVA CLINIC – a pioneer in oocytes vitrification procedure in the Baltics and the Northern Europe. 

AVA CLINIC – a representative of international chain of reproductive clinics’ EUGIN in the Baltics. The common goal unites AVA Clinic personnel for more than 15 years is the birth of a new life!

AVA CLINIC – a team of highly professional specialists with long-term experience. We use modern equipment and the latest methods for successful diagnostics and treatment of infertility problems. The adherence of high quality standards and use of high technologies is essential in our daily work. All these allow us to achieve extremely high result even in the most complicated medical cases. The individual approach and solution of Your problem will be offered to You in AVA CLINIC.

The full range of reproductive, gynecological and obstetrical services is presented in AVA CLINIC:
Infertility diagnostics and treatment;
Assisted reproductive technologies (IVF/ ICSI/ IMSI/ IUI/ TESA);
Treatments with donated cells (donated eggs and donated sperm);
Fertility preservation;
Preimplantation genetic screening of embryos (PGS by NGS).

More than 10.000 babies have been born thanks to AVA CLINIC and this number is grrowing from day to day.

The patients from 20 countries of the world come to us for the treatments.

Ava Clinic
3 Vīlandes str., Rīga, LV-1010
phone: +371 67001007/ +371 29325578




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