Kompass Online Directory – assistant to your business

Kompass Online Directory – assistant to your business

Business directory Kompass is one of the leading business-to-business (B2B) information providers in the world with a comprehensive network of representation in more than 60 countries worldwide. It is an internationally renowned company that offers effective tools to help any export-oriented companies learn and discover new markets, sell their products and services worldwide, and increase their brand awareness.

Kompass has over 70 years of history in the B2B information market that speaks for itself and demonstrates customer confidence in the company. With constantly changing information technology, Kompass has been able to maintain its position and develop its offerings in line with the global market and changing customer needs.

Kompass Classification

Classification is the basis of Kompass services. Through it, all business sectors are divided into specific groups according to a single model. Classifier structure includes all potential B2B sectors and is the most comprehensive and elaborate B2B classification system in the world. It is available in more than 60 countries and has been translated into 26 languages. Kompass classification system consists of 67 sectors, which are grouped into 15 large groups and contain more than 3,000 industries with 55 000 different products and services.

Kompass Reference

Kompass Reference provides any user with accurate, locally-gathered information in a regularly updated database with more than 20 million businesses.

Kompass offers simple and easy-to-understand search criteria to pinpoint potential partners in the selected geographic area and industry of interest.

It is comprehensive information about any company in the database, regardless of the size of the company – from small and medium enterprises to international corporations.

Information is free of charge. It is compiled by the local Kompass teams and includes information on the number of employees, products and services offered, as well as business contact information.

Booster program

Nowadays, no company can achieve good results without thinking about its presence on the Internet. Participating in the Booster program can help a company become more visible to potential target audiences, thus improving the SEO index of the website.

With this in mind, we offer you to participate in the Booster program, which includes:

• Optimization of your company profile information in the Kompass database, available to both local and international audiences;
• Highlighting the position in the Kompass network in comparison with free entries;
• Possibility to complement a profile with your products and services, video presentations and company news;
• Possibility to receive price requests and corresponding offers from other Kompass users;
• Additional emphasis, if the products or services that are being looked for are the ones you offer;
• Direct link to your information from sections of local business sectors;
• Responsive profile design – tailored to users of any type of device;
• Access to profile statistics and data analysis (profile viewing, WEB page clicks, sent messages, sharing information on social networks).


EasyBusiness, developed by Kompass, will allow you to create potential client lists in a short time. No matter what your goals are – telemarketing, digital marketing, e-mail or direct mail campaigns – EasyBusiness will help you prepare your lists quickly, easily and directly in the form that suits you.

The compilation and delivery of data is carried out by the local staff of each representative country, thus giving them the opportunity to get as realistic as possible in each potential market position.

With a wealth of factors to consider when exploring the export opportunities in different markets, EasyBusiness offers selection criteria that allow you to quickly and easily select for any market and any potential purpose.

The newly introduced alert system allows you to keep track of changes (turnover figures, company management, contact information) in the companies you are interested in and receive notification of changes as soon as they occur.

How can Kompass help your marketing activities?

The placement of information in the Kompass database is free of charge. The database includes companies from 69 countries and more than 26 million database records are viewed per month.

By registering here, you will become part of this database and increase your visibility.

If you want to further improve your position (both in the Kompass database and in the Google search engine), you have all the power to engage in the Booster program and to complement your company profile even better.

How can Kompass improve your sales figures?

Potential partners all over the world can be found on Kompass database. It does not matter if you are a small company or an international corporation, any sales team will be able to achieve great results using the features of the Kompass database.

Use Kompass to:

• Strengthen your presence on the global market;
• Analyze different sectors of the global market and discover potential opportunities for your company to integrate into it;
• Find potential suppliers and alternatives for existing ones;
• Identify potential customers, partners and distributors of your goods and services;
• Identify and keep track of existing and potential competitors.

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Author of the article: Kompass expert Maris Purins






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