Baltic’s beauty mecca - the biggest clinic of dermatology in Latvia

Baltic’s beauty mecca - the biggest clinic of dermatology in Latvia
In Western medicine, each organ has its own doctor who has gained in-depth knowledge of a specific organ system. J. Ķīsis’s clinic of dermatology, the biggest clinic of dermatology in Latvia, has brought together different specialists whose work is related to the skin's health, which is the biggest organ of the human. In this clinic, dermatologists and cosmetologists are working shoulder by shoulder. The most effective methods to improve skin condition are found in close collaboration. However, it is not a secret that everything is connected within the organism; therefore, skin issues often point to a completely different illness. The biggest clinic of dermatology in Latvia provides comprehensive health care that is not limited only to prevent superficial symptoms.

In cooperation with the clinic, let's take a look at what the skin is telling us about the overall health of the organism - we will get acquainted with important aspects that we rarely think about as we study yet another pimple on the cheek or recognize changes of the birthmark. We will also tell you about a special innovative procedure for those who are getting ready for the summer season and wish to transform the body shape - fat freeze with CoolSculpting ensures effective results without surgery. 
In the search of the cause of the illness
The team of the biggest clinic of dermatology in Latvia comprises a wide range of specialists, including a cardiologist and various dermatovenerologists. Such skin diseases as psoriasis can lead to cardiovascular diseases; therefore, it would not be incorrect to claim that heart and skin’s health are only 2 sides of the same coin. But a dermatovenerologist whose specialization is related to skin and venereal diseases will confirm that in the case of STS, one of the signs are related to changes in skin condition and such signs as redness and rash can be observed.
Hepatologists and infectologists are consulting in this clinic as well. As it turns out, the work of those specialists is closely related to the skin’s health as well. Therefore, when searching for the reason for the deterioration of the skin, the dermatologist can also send the patient to those doctors. Since 2020 the profession of an infectologist is the most mentioned among the doctors and most referred to due to coronavirus; however, other infectious diseases have been left in the shadow, even though they have not been cancelled or eradicated by the new virus. It is often that infectious diseases are accompanied by dermatological manifestations - for example, in the cases of measles, chickenpox and papillomavirus. Yet we do not hear about hepatology on a daily basis so often.

A hepatologist is a doctor that treats problems associated with the liver. This organ is often called the most silent in the human body as the liver does not have nerve receptors that would send the pain signals. The liver is drawing attention in other ways, such as skin tone changes, skin lesions, itching and inflammation. Interestingly, both regular overeating and starvation can lead to one of the liver’s illnesses - liver obesity or hepatosis. This, in turn, takes the clinic’s patient to the next specialist to take care of the skin - nutrition specialist.

By marking this chain, it is possible to notice that the skin’s health is influenced by various aspects, such as daily and lifestyle habits, nutrition and the health of the internal organ systems. The skin works as a mirror that shows if something is wrong within the body. Besides, the last years’ researches within psychodermatology make the doctors also think about the impact of the psychic and emotional state on the skin’s health. That creates a clearer picture, allowing one to look at the individual through the lens of holistic medicine.
Why should one visit this mecca in spring?
Birthmarks, sometimes called beauty marks, are another aspect that can tell about the overall health of the body. Behind the seemingly harmless birthmark may be masked the most aggressive of tumours - melanoma. By detecting the malignancy at an early stage, it can be successfully treated. And the best help here is a dermatologist or dermatovenerologist who will perform a birthmark examination.

Spring is the time when it is recommended to perform an examination and mapping of birthmarks. Birthmarks that stand out as ugly ducklings - unevenly shaped, with ingrown hairs, larger in size, with growths, bumps and of different colors, itchy or sometimes bleeding - are considered suspicious. These birthmarks should definitely not be overlooked, as they are associated with an increased risk of melanoma.
Birthmark mapping is a procedure that should be done by everyone at least once a year - it is best to check the changes both before and after the sunbathing season. With the help of mapping, it is possible to detect malignant skin formations at an early stage as soon as possible. In other countries in Europe, this study is covered from the state-paid funds. In Latvia people still have to take their own responsibility to apply for the procedure and use their own personal resources.

However, Melanoma Day is held every year in Latvia, and the examination of birthmarks is free of charge on this day throughout the country. It is also possible to register for the free examination at the largest dermatology clinic in Latvia. With this campaign, dermatologists want to attract public attention to raise awareness of the disease. By annual mapping, skin formations are systematically documented, and it also facilitates self-examination and allows for early diagnosis of skin cancer.
What is CoolSculpting?
Another reason to visit the largest dermatology clinic in Latvia in the spring is the innovative fat-freezing procedure with CoolSculpting. Although this procedure will not be suitable for people who are overweight, it will help anyone who has a layer of fat that can easily be pinched in certain areas of the body. That is, for those in need of body contouring due to the relatively small fat layer, this will be the solution they are looking for. This procedure will also help where diet and gym attendance do not have the desired effect, such as getting rid of a double chin.
In moderate amounts, the cold can be good for the general health - those that love to immerse themselves into ice-holes or those that continue swimming in the open air throughout the year will surely confirm that. In this way, it is possible to improve metabolism. Even though we like to wrap ourselves in a warm down jacket on the cold winter days, this procedure allows us to appreciate the coldness once again as this technology gets rid of the fat exactly with the help of it.
By controlled cooling, it is possible to reduce the number of fat cells up to 25% in the problematic area per session. However, the first changes will not be noticed straight after the procedure, but approximately 3 weeks. In general, the process will take up to 4-6 months. 
Unlike surgery, CoolSculpting does not require taking days off to rest at home after the procedure, and patients can go back to their everyday activities immediately after the procedure. Moreover, there will be no anaesthesia required - it is possible to relax during the procedure for 60-90 minutes by calmly reading a book or watching TV. 

Over 60 clinical studies have been conducted confirming the effectiveness of the procedure. Over 4 million clients have used this device; besides, the satisfaction rate is very high - in 79% of the cases, the desired effect has been achieved. 
It is time for the great spring cleaning!
Spring is associated with a time of detoxification - it is also marked by fasting, characterized by refusing certain foods and efforts to get rid of harmful habits. Later comes the resurrection - the celebration of rebirth. Our skin and body can also be reborn if they are properly cared for - this is the time for rejuvenating and cleansing procedures. This is the time for the great spring cleaning - for both the body and the skin. It means reviewing your daily habits and developing healthier ones.
The daily rhythm must be arranged appropriately - it is important to remember that the secret of beautiful skin lies in healthy, high-quality and sufficient sleep, as well as a healthy and balanced diet. Sometimes the dermatologists find out that the cause for skin condition deterioration is a certain food that has to be excluded from the menu. Sugar is often the culprit for red pimples, and it is advisable to reduce its use in any case. Nowadays, various substitutes and sweeteners are available on store shelves, such as stevia powder or maple syrup.
The condition of the skin can also worsen in case if the body lacks vitamins or nutrients. In addition to finding appropriate beauty products, the dermatologist will also advise on this issue. It should be noted that the use of inappropriate facial skin care products can contribute to inflammation and only worsen the condition. Therefore, it is important that daily care is appropriate for the skin type, as well as individual skin problems have to be taken into account.
The biggest clinic of dermatology in Latvia consults not only in the capital, but doctors also visit cities in other regions. The dermatologist of the clinic can also be found in Jūrmala, Aizkraukle, Daugavpils, Liepāja, Ventspils, Cēsis, Talsi and Rēzekne. It is also possible to apply for an online consultation.
If you have any questions, you can contact the clinic by writing to or by calling +37128699111.




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