Lauma medical elastic belts

Lauma medical elastic belts

Elastic medical belt (mod. 70107)

Designed to relieve lower back pain. The belt is used to treat and prevent waistband-cross radiculitis, osteochondrosis and nerve inflammation and sports injuries. 

Provides comfort and warmth for your back.

It is recommended to wear the belt around the clock during the worsening period.

Elastic post-operative belt for the back (mod. 106)

Intended for use after spinal surgery or injury (excluding the pelvic or thoracic area), spinal instability or vertebral shear. The belt is also used for osteochondrosis,  radiculitis or neuralgia.

The belt helps to keep the posture right and avoid forced posture.

For additional stability, four anchorages are placed at the back of the belt to help hold the back axis and reduce movement in the belt area.

Back support belt (mod. 111)

Provides support for persistent pain and mild muscle weakness. Support shall be provided in the event of instability of the spine or movement of the vertebral column,  and in the case of osteochondritis, radiculitis or neuralgia.

Reduces rehabilitation time after injury or after surgery.

In addition to stability, additional inserts are incorporated at the back of the belt to help maintain the back axle and reduce movement in the belt area.

Supportive pregnancy belt (mod. 112)

The containing belt is designed to support the abdomen and reduce the load on the back in pregnant women. It can also be used after birth to secure the front wall of the abdomen.

The belt design uses additional fixtures for a sense of stability and comfort, as well as air permeable materials, preventing excessive sweating and allowing the skin to  breathe.

In addition, the ribbons on the side of the belt help keep your stomach in the desired position. The production of elastic belts uses cotton which, with its hygroscopic  properties, absorbs moisture from the surface of the skin, thus preventing “temperature rise” without causing friction and skin inflammation.


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