Passenger transport services "Bigi"

Passenger transport services "Bigi"

Carriage of passengers

Carriage of passengers is a transport service that makes movement more convenient within the Baltic States.

Carriage of passengers offers transfers to and from the airport, passenger port, railway station in the Baltic States, intercity transfers in the Baltic States and Europe, services for business clients – personal driver services, group transportation, etc.

Carriage of passengers is also available for all types of events and activities. Transport is available both for small groups (1 to 7 people) and for larger groups (8 to 20 people, groups of up to 20 people).

Carriage of passengers is carried out by a minibus with 7 seats (in special cases with 8 seats), as well as a sedan with 4 seats.

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Transfer is a pre-arranged route ordering service, which has recently become very popular in Latvia.

Transfer to and from the airport, passenger port, railway station within the Baltic States solves potential problems and concerns that may arise during travel, as well as while waiting for guests at the airport, port or station. For example, if a person arrives in the middle of the working day and there is no one available to pick them up, transfer service includes meeting guests and taking them to any place they need. This is particularly useful when welcoming foreign guests.

Transfer is a great choice when travelling – a ride with a car to the airport, port or station will be a convenient and enjoyable start of the journey. The driver will take passengers to the required place at a specified time, by prior arrangement of the details of journey.

It is worth to order transfer as it provides convenience – the client will be picked up at the airport and accompanied to the car. It is available in one or both directions. Transfer is individual – so only a client will be in the car. Transfer will save time as the driver will take the customer directly to the hotel or any other place required.

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Excursions in the Baltics

Excursions in the Baltics are an opportunity to get to know the Baltic States, while travelling in a comfortable car, with English and Russian speaking professional driver. Different types of car tours and private tours in the Baltic States are possible.

Excursions in the Baltics carried out by a professional guide. Excursion routes are tailored to the needs, interests and budget of every client.

Excursions in the Baltics give you the opportunity to see the most beautiful, interesting and famous places of interest. For example, a popular choice is a tour to Sigulda, Sigulda castle, Turaida castle and Cesis. This is a car tour that lasts up to eight hours. During this tour, you will see the town of Sigulda and Sigulda castle, it also includes a cable car ride to Krimulda and a visit to Turaida castle complex. A walk through the medieval town of Cesis and visit of Cesis castle is also planned.

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Western Metal and Tool Exposition and Conference
21.09 - 23.09.2021


Industry Exhibition for Research and Developement,and Environmental and Process Technology in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Biotechnology
21.09 - 23.09.2021


Int'l Railway Fair
21.09 - 24.09.2021


Int'l Shipping, Shipbuilding and Offshore Energy Exhibition
21.09 - 24.09.2021


Trade Fair for Building Systems, Electrical Engineering, Air Conditioning and Automation
22.09 - 24.09.2021

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