The biggest driving school in Baltics

The biggest driving school in Baltics

A big driving school - it doesn’t mean a huge building with it’s own cafe, library and the lounge room anymore. First of all - it wouldn’t make any sense for such a big building to exist during pandemic time with all of it’s restrictions. Secondly, that kind of school would cost a lot for the company which would mean higher prices for the students. Who would get any good from that? 

Nowadays when we are accustomed to do everything on the internet, it is not so rare for a school, more precisely - the studies to be online. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair if the school appeared only online, without a physical location. Sometimes there can be questions which are better to be discussed face to face with the school’s administrators. Besides, not everyone has an e-signature or e-banking access to sign the school’s contract. 

The biggest amount of branches
Presto driving school has made the biggest amount of the branches not only according to Latvia but also seeing it from the Baltic states point of view. You can find Presto branches in 97 regions of Latvia. Theoretical training is online - there is an intensive course, and the light one which you can attend both on working days and weekends.

Authentic system of the driving lessons
The driving lessons cannot happen online but in spite of the pandemic restrictions it can still be done face to face. The Presto driving school is taking into account all the security measures - all the necessary surfaces are being disinfected, the staff are checking their temperature everyday, hands are being washed and everyone is using their face masks as well. 

The driving lessons by the Presto driving school are very convenient to organize. As a Presto student with it’s own profile You will have a chance to see the schedule of all the available timings for Your driving and apply on By applying online Presto driving school offers not to spend too much time contacting Your driving lesson teacher personally. 

The driving lessons by Presto are very convenient also because it is possible to attend them in almost every region of Latvia. If Your lifestyle is dynamic enough - Presto allows You to take driving lessons with different instructors in any city of Latvia where Presto has it’s branch. You will not have to sign new agreements everytime You want to change Your driving instructor. All You have to do - apply  online and take Your driving lesson from almost any city of Latvia!

CSDD statistics
The size doesn’t always give the quality, but Presto is not that case. Presto driving school is developing in its size as well as in their provided quality - You can see the proof by the CSDD exam results statistics. Between the 3 biggest driving schools in Latvia ‘’Presto’’, ‘’Einsteins’’ and ‘’Gross autoskola’’ from which 600-900 students were passing the theory exam in CSDD (from 01.09.2020-28.03.2021) Presto has shown the best results - 98,20 % of their students passed the exam with first attempt. It is similar with the results of the CSDD driving exam - 37,47 % of the students passed it with their first attempt. 

Everyone can get a driving licence!
Presto is a big driving school not only in their thoughts or imagination. It has been proved by the reviews of their students which You can find in their web page or facebook profile page. You can see a huge amount of the positive reviews but also the negative ones have not been ignored. The school’s marketing department is responding professionally and with the interest to solve the problem. 

Latvian celebrities like Presto as well. A huge marketing project has been made with a hip hop music band ‘’Singapūras satīns’’, whose participants were brave enough to take the driving licence course while being filmed - even those who touched the steering wheel for the first time in their life. It should be understood that not everyone is going to the driving courses right after getting 18 years old. A wonderful example is Irma Kluša, who got her driving licence while being 79 years old - thanks to Presto!

Presto driving school which was founded in 2011, thanks to the student’s demands has become the biggest driving school in the Baltic states. Here You can study in Latvian, Russian and as well in English. Maybe it’s the right moment to use this pandemic time to get a driving licence and go wherever You want?






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