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Legal data

  1. 40001003752
  2. LV40001003752
  3. 08.11.1994
  4. Ķeguma nov., Birzgales pag., "Jaunzeltiņi", LV-5033
  5. 2018


Ltd. "Jaunzeltini" was founded in 1994 and currently operates as a port terminal operator in Riga. We offer timber handling and processing services; standard, non-standard, oversized and containerized cargo handling and processing; warehousing services; cargo securing and fumigation services; forwarding and customs brokerage services. The company provides services in increased draft berths in Riga Universal Terminal with railroads, warehouses and in specialized territory, ensuring the provision of services in accordance with ISO standards and industry safety requirements. We cooperate with all shipping agencies, container lines and almost all of the Freeport of Riga berths. 


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logistic services, stevedoring services, stevedores, imports and exports,
warehouse services, cargo clearance, timber transshipment, transhipment of goods,
road transport, railway transport, maritime transport, timber drying,
timber planing, timber material processing, timber chemical treatment,
wood chemical processing, high pressure impregnation, wood impregnation,
wood antiseptic treatment, AST processing, timber impregnation, terrace
boards impregnation, sawn timber processing, sawn timber, impregnated sawn timber,
terrace boards, finishing boards, impregnated terrace boards, impregnated clapboards,
wooden fence panels, wooden slats, fence poles, timber exports, sawn timber exports,
railway and container cargo handling, oversized cargoes, bulk cargoes,
storage of goods, freight consolidation, customs cargo processing,
goods redirection, cargo accompanying document preparation, container shipments,
container loading, container handling, container transshipment, railway
cargo transportation, timber transshipment, lumber tracking, cargo quality control,
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