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Business data

  • EUR 1333120 / 2019
  • EUR 208906 / 2016
  • EUR 1800000 / 2016
  • 52
  • Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Lithuania, Russian Federation, Sweden
  • Producer, Service provider

Legal data

  1. 50003019711
  2. LV50003019711
  3. 19.08.1991
  4. Rīga, Lēdmanes iela 1, LV-1039
  5. 2020


Nakotne- Construction begins with us! Production company "Nākotne" has been successfully working and developing in the market since 1991. The company was founded on the basis of an instrumental factory for the production of molds and dies. As the company developed, various consumer goods were created and sold in production, several of which are protected by copyright and patents. We produce existing products with technologies such as metal stamping, bending, plastic injection molding and extrusion. Today our factory Ltd. RKF "Nākotne" is a large production, where you can order both serial and individual orders. Products and services: metal parts for connecting wooden beams, supports, mounting profiles and brackets, plasterboard mounting elements, concreting guides, parts for window installation, PVC parts for finishing works, dowels and washers, production of PVC fences and gates, CNC metal processing, plastic mold casting. Profile wagons and other PVC running meter cladding. 


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production of plastic fences, plastic fences, plastic fences, metal fences,
fences, gates, Plastic fences, plastic fences. automatic gates, metal gates,
opening gates, sliding gates, non-standard metal constructions, their production.
Metal processing, metal processing. CNC metalworking. Electro-erosion works,
extrusion. Window mounting anchors and other metal and plastic components
for plastic windows. Profile boards "vagonka" and other PVC current
meter lining products. Plastic shape casting.