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Injury treatment, rehabilitation
Non-traditional medicine, neurofunctional diagnostics
Nakatani, nakatani diagnostics
Self-help training

Scenar procedures
Therapy, back pain, back pain treatment
Cosmetology, cosmetologist, face masks
Vegetative dystonia treatment
Therapist, therapeutists
Holistic procedures, inflammation treatment


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We are the Scenar factory of OKB RITM( Russia) official representatives in Latvia and the Baltic States. Scenar therapy is a holistic method that uses energy impulses to repair and restore damaged body structures and functions by acting on our nerve cells. It does not relieve diseases, but teaches to restore health and harmony by acting on the body's adaptation systems. With this method we perform rehabilitation after operations, various injuries, use it in cosmetology and self-healing. You can buy Scenar equipment, medical blankets, bandages and electrodes from us.


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